Gordon Thomas White was born on June 20, 1941 in Decatur, Texas, a small Texas ranch & farming community near Ft. Worth, Texas. His parents, James Johnson White and Mittie White had two other children at the time of Gordon’s birth. Sister Wanda and brother Harlo. All of Gordon White’s young adult life was spent in church or on the road traveling to a different church in a distant city. His youngest memory is sitting on a church pew watching people shout in the Spirit and his dad preaching in the pulpit. Early on, he witnessed first hand the mighty moving of God.

His mother passed away when Gordon was 4 years old. She died in childbirth giving birth to a baby boy that died also. After this happened, the family was always on the move, partly because Gordon’s father was lost without his wife, and too, he had a tremendous desire to spread the gospel. Gordon and Harlo’s sister married young and left home therefore leaving Mr. White to raise two small boys alone. So, they traveled from city to city sometimes sleeping in their car, in tents, bunked up with friends and relatives and whoever would take then in.

At the age of 15, Gordon and his brother, Harlo began their own ministry separate from their father. They both were very musically inclined – all God given talent – no music lessons ever! Gordon played the piano and guitar and Harlo played guitar. They sang and preached, and preached and sang their hearts out. And the people loved them! They went from church to church spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. As they grew in the Spirit, their crowds grew. In no time at all, they were packing out churches and auditoriums from the East Coast to the West Coast.

After many years of traveling together and pasturing churches together, Gordon and Harlo went their separate ways to venture out alone on the gospel road for Jesus. Pastor Gordon White’s life eventually lead him to St. Louis, Missouri where he pastured a church for 15 years full time. For the past 20 years, he and his wife, Shirley have been traveling on the evangelistic field and he continues to be the Senior Pastor of the St. Louis church and returns there to minister once a month.

He has traveled to over 40 countries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry is unique in the fact that he is not like traditional ministers or clergy. He believes you do not have to wait until you die to inherit the Kingdom and all its merits. No waiting for your “pie in the sky” for you can have it all now! Yes, he believes in eternity and a spiritual “after life”. He believes that the Bible is a spiritual book and you must know how to read and interpret the spiritual language of the Bible in order to understand it.

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